STICK TO IT Lash Adhesive

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Get the best retention for your clients by using Stick To It Lash Adhesive! 

5ML bottle

Cyanoacrylate 90%
Ethyl 7%
Black Carbon 1%

Adhesive Details:
•Medium viscosity
•2-3 Sec Dry time
•40%-70% Humidity
•Works best with temperatures 65-77 ° F
•Retention up to 6 weeks

How to care for adhesive:
•Store in a controlled environment at all times.
•NEVER put in a refrigerator.
•Always shake from side to side for 60 seconds before opening the bottle.
•If stored in a humid area use silica gel beads or rice in a mason jar to keep moisture out.
•Glue must be kept within the 65°-77° range for temperature
with a humidity of 40%-70%